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Self storage in london internal inventory of documents


Self storage in London the volume of supply of self-storage warehouses in London this year may increase. 

According to experts, the increase in interest in self-storage is due to the growth of their occupancy rate. Self storage chain among the largest chain in the London self-storage market, which controls largest of the total supply. According to experts, the total market area in the London region is increases

Self storage in London the order to organize the storage of a large volume of documents, an archive is created in organizations an independent structural unit that ensures the safety of documents of long storage periods. In this case, files with a storage period of more than are transferred to the archive no earlier than a year, and no later than many years after their completion. Documents with a temporary storage period (up to multiple) are not transferred to the archive and are stored in the structural divisions in which they were created.

Before the transfer of documents to the archive or their destruction, an examination of the value of the documents should be carried out.

To ensure the safety of documents and fix the order of their arrangement, all sheets (except for the certification sheet and the internal inventory) are numbered in Arabic numerals in. The use of ink and colored pencils is prohibited, as long-term storage can blur and ruin the paper.

If a small number of errors were made in the numbering of sheets, then in this case it is possible to use the letter numbers of the sheets (with letters – for example, 2a, 2b, 2c). If there are too many errors, then the old numbers are crossed out, and a new sheet number is put next to it.  In the sheet – the witness of the case, the number of sheets in the case is indicated in numbers and in words. The case witness sheet is sewn into the case or glued to the top of the sheet on the inside of the cover at the end of the case. The form of the sheet the witness of the case is established by the Storage Rules

An internal inventory of case documents is drawn up on a separate sheet in the prescribed form, which contains information about the serial numbers of the case documents, their indices, dates, titles and sheet numbers of the case. 

Case headers are transferred to the inventory from the approved case nomenclature. In the inventory, each case and volume is assigned an independent serial number, while the gross numbering is retained for several years. On the basis of the case histories of structural divisions, an annual section of the consolidated list of the organization’s affairs is drawn up, the preparation of which is entrusted to the organization’s archive. The annual section of the consolidated inventory of cases of permanent storage is drawn up in four copies in the prescribed form. The annual section of the consolidated inventory of temporary storage cases is printed in two copies. Inventories are first approved by the organization’s, and then approved by its head. At the end of the inventory, a summary record is made, in which the number of cases, the first and last case numbers according to the inventory of cases are indicated in numbers and in words, and the presence of letters and missing numbers in the numbering of cases in the inventory is also specified.

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