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Removals and storage London temporary storage warehouses


Removals and storage London always possible to transport furniture, appliances and other things from one room to another in one day. It so happens that the old apartment needs to be vacated much earlier than the new one is ready, and all the family property has to be stored somewhere else until the appointed date. 

Removals and storage London For such cases, there are special temporary storage warehouses that rent out their cells for a variety of things: from cans to expensive electronics, interior items and even documents. Once upon a time, only large organizations with a large number of goods and, as a result, a wide rented area could use this service. Now it is available to everyone the dimensions of the “cells” start from one square meter, so they are suitable for placing almost any household items.

Moving from place to place is always stressful. And if you also consider how many things you need to pack and transport, you generally want to give up everything. But, as they say, it is necessary, it is necessary. Often, many people moving, especially those who live in rented housing, are faced with a problem: where to attach furniture and other things during the move. It so happens that apartment owners ask tenants to move out, but the latter have not yet found a suitable option or is making repairs in new housing. Temporary storage in London is a rather difficult issue if you do not have a spacious storage room or a warm garage. Placing things with friends and acquaintances is quite troublesome, in addition, there is a risk of ruining relations with loved ones because of a couple of boxes, which often get in the way in small apartments. Today company offers you the best solution – guarded temporary storage warehouses with round-the-clock access. 

Temporary storage warehouses

One of the significant advantages of temporary storage of property in the complexes is the minimum terms for placing cargo of any volume. The very minimum is seven days, that is, in relation to the move, it is more than convenient. You leave your furniture, office equipment, clothes and other things for seven days and pay exactly for the area that your property will occupy in the warehouse. It is definitely beneficial and convenient. Temporary storage of property is something that residents of large cities have been lacking for many years. Small-sized housing forced the townspeople to throw away or take out the necessary or seasonal items out of town or in damp unheated garages, where things were rapidly deteriorating. Warm, ventilated warehouses for storage of things in our complexes solve this problem. Different sizes of warehouses (from one square meter and more) allow you to store different amounts of things. At the same time, things are completely safe, and the client can pick them up at any time of the day. The complexes are located within the Moscow Ring Road in different parts of Moscow, which makes it possible to choose the warehouse that is optimally located to you. These are not all the advantages of working with us. With Fold, your life will become much easier.

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