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Removals and storage London furniture and things


Removals and storage London, it is often required to completely empty the room from furniture and things. If you manage to settle down, this event can be very time consuming. After all, you need to collect absolutely all things, furniture, appliances, remove lighting fixtures, blinds, curtains, etc, pack and take out somewhere. Removals and storage London In addition, few people know how to professionally plan all repair work in such a way as to accurately predict its completion date. As a rule, the repair period increases already as it is carried out – then there are no necessary materials, then something was not taken into account when drawing up a list of works, then the team left for another object. Such uncertainty does not allow us to accurately answer the question of how long the property needs to be taken out, when it will be possible to bring it back. And it is difficult to order new furniture – there is no understanding by what date. It is not easy to decide on repairs, and when you think about taking out all the property


Temporary storage of things and furniture for the duration of the repair in the warehouse is a solution for those who do not have the opportunity to transfer everything to their neighbors or to the country house, as well as for those who do not want to leave it at home while the hired team is working there. The risk of damage or breakage is too great, and no one will protect against theft.


Removing furniture is a convenient opportunity to decide at the same time how much you need it and whether it is worth throwing out some of it. Everything that is left should be wiped from dust and cleaned, so that then clean things can be put on clean floors in a clean apartment. And, unfortunately, dirt provides not only dust, but also pests, so it is worth checking all sofas, beds, bedside tables and cabinets for the presence of bugs, cockroaches, and mice nests. If you can disassemble something, it is better to disassemble, the main thing is that later it will be possible to put it back together.

Everything that is possible should be packed in boxes, and these boxes must be signed. Then it will be easier to figure out what is inside and how to arrange it so as not to put the dumbbells on the dishes.

Mirrors, shades and other fragile items should be folded separately, packed each in a separate corrugated container and wrapped with something soft (special film, fabric, insulation). In any case, glass shelves and doors should be removed and put in a box, otherwise they may fly out of the cabinets during transportation.

To simplify the process of storing things during repairs, we can offer to bring the selected container directly to your home, we will help you put everything neatly and take it to the warehouse. When concluding a contract, you receive an individual key card for your container and at any time you can pick up some of the things. All boxes are under video surveillance and alarm systems, so unauthorized entry and theft are excluded.

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