★ Moving company UK and International for domestic and International ★
★ Moving company UK and International for domestic and International ★

Man and van removals London find the right van for your move


Man and Van Removals London look a little over the shoulders of your fellow human beings when moving, you will notice again and again that the capacity of the moving truck is incorrectly calculated. One of them comes with a huge truck to transport the inventory of a single apartment and the next one stands in front of the door with a small van and wants to use it to move the goods from a four-room apartment from A to B. Both of these have fatal consequences for the environment, your own wallet and, in the case of too small vehicles from the truck rental, also on the process of moving.


Man and Van Removals London the optimal moving van, you save yourself double journeys. They cost time and you should also think about the additional fuel consumption and the resulting pollution of the environment. However, you always have to keep an eye on which driver’s license you have. It depends on what type of van you can rent from our truck rental.

Moving partner can not only help you with the choice of the transporter, but also offers you a comprehensive service if you want to plan your move yourself. You can rent or buy accessories such as boxes, cardboard boxes and trolleys directly online. You also have the opportunity to get active support, who will gladly relieve you of hauling heavy objects.

Cargo Worthwhile

Many smaller removals or private transports are often too big for your own car. The alternative of renting a moving van to move to the new student flat-share or to transport several large pieces of furniture is not worthwhile for those moving either. It is not uncommon for the cargo space of the transport trolley to be only half full. The entire rent would be paid, but only half the loading area would be used. Hiring a moving company is hardly worthwhile for very small loads. It is much cleverer to ask the forwarding agent whether an additional cargo is possible. Many transport companies also have to make frequent trips when the trucks are not fully loaded. In order to completely fill the loading area before the journey, many freight forwarders provide the free space for private individuals. The few pieces of furniture or moving boxes can be loaded into the truck. A supplementary load is equally worthwhile for the person moving and the shipping company. The person moving does not have to rent their own transport vehicle and the forwarding company can drive off with a full truck. In addition, empty trips can be prevented.

Cheap Additional Loads

Basically, the same applies to additional loads as to a complete order with a moving company. The costs can be kept low by comparing offers early on. If it is already clear that the large dining table will not fit into the rented van, the search for a suitable provider should be started in good time. With just a few clicks, several companies can be compared for the relocation load using the online form. Of course, you can also do your own research and inquire about specific companies.

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